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Indian rape victim sues Uber in US court

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The Indian woman whose alleged rape by an Uber driver led to the service being shut down in New Delhi has now sued the car-hailing platform in San Francisco, according to Reuters. The woman, who asked the federal court to protect her identity, said Uber’s service was the “modern day equivalent of electronic hitchhiking”. Uber, which recently reopened its Delhi services after applying for a taxi license, has repeatedly promised to improve its driver-vetting procedures in India. The woman wants unspecified damages from Uber, as well as the installation of in-car cameras and the creation of local customer support centers. The driver, who denies the attack, is currently on trial for rape and kidnapping.

2 Responses to “Indian rape victim sues Uber in US court”

  1. Trials in India are notoriously slow. I hope the woman is cared for in the meantime. Uber needs to think about what markets to establish themselves in. First commitment should be its passengers safety. In India people aren’t interested in cheap travel as every taxi prices itself cheap. Western countries do not, hence an opening for Uber.

    • Joydeep Dey

      While most cab companies in India are cheaper compared to US and Europe, the service quality of Uber is by far the best. Uber cabs are mostly on time, easy to call, and comes with hassle free and cashless payment. Most of my friends use only Uber these days. However, Uber must have a local customer care center and in-car cameras.

      Because Indian Judiciary is incompetent at best, the lady filed a case in the US. Hope she gets justice.