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Mashable and Business Insider close large new financing rounds

Mashable announced late Wednesday night that it has closed a new round of financing worth $17 million, led by Time Warner Investments — the venture-capital arm of the New York-based media conglomerate — and Business Insider is close to announcing its own new round of funding, said to be worth $25 million and led by German media giant Axel Springer, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. These investments come not long after a series of large financing deals for both BuzzFeed, which raised a total of $50 million led by Andreessen Horowitz, and Vice Media — which raised $500 million by selling a $250-million stake in the company to A&E Networks (a joint venture between Disney and Hearst) and a similar-sized stake to the venture-capital fund Technology Crossover Ventures.

2 Responses to “Mashable and Business Insider close large new financing rounds”

  1. Ian Lamont

    Quoting from the WSJ article: “Business Insider’s traffic rose 55% to 35.4 million unique views in December from a year earlier, making it the most-visited business news site in the U.S., according to analytics firm comScore Inc.”

    Curious about what percentage of that traffic is driven by clickbait (“Incredible Video Of A Teenager Catching A 440-Pound Shark On A Beach”) and slideshows (“50 Most Underrated Colleges In America” now has > 2 million PVs), which draws hordes of non-business viewers.

    • Keith Hawn

      Agreed. Unbelievable how it’s known as a “business site” as well as how it gets away being branded “Business Insider” when there is nothing of an “inside” knowledge ever posted on the site. Cue Mike Meyer as Linda Richman: “Business Insider. It’s neither business, nor an insider. Discuss amongst yourselves.”