Going beyond Bolt bulbs

Misfit ties its Flash activity tracker to the smarthome

Misfit, the makers of a variety of well-designed activity trackers is embracing the smarthome. First it showed off the Bolt connected light bulbs at CES, and now it has signed several partnerships with companies that let you control an array of home devices from your Flash activity monitor. The Flash is a plastic, screenless activity and sleep monitor that costs less than $50 and was released last September.

Now you can do a variety of things just by tapping the Flash within the vicinity of certain partner devices. For example, you can:

  • Start and stop a Spotify playlist
  • Use the Logitech Harmony remote to control a variety of lights and remotes in the Logitech system
  • Send Yos to friends with a double press on Flash
  • Open your August smartlock even without your smartphone
  • In March, connect your sleep tracking functionality to your Nest thermostat so you can wake up to your chosen temperature.

Misfit is also working on an If This Then That (IFTTT) integration that will provide a variety of triggers letting people use their Flash to make a variety of things happen. With $40 million in funding and a partnership with Xiaomi –which also has smarthome dreams — maybe Misfit can figure out the secret to building personal controls for the shared environment that is the home.