Linkedin for Business, clarified

I had a chance to catch up with Joseph Roualdes, Senior Manager Corporate Communications at LinkedIn. I wanted to clarify what the plan is for their Linkedin for business push (see last paragraph of Facebook rolling out limited beta of Facebook At Work).

As Roualdes put it, they noticed LinkedIn InMail was being used used internally, and for marketing. So, to make that easier for people, they are building out two solutions.

The first is a beefed up InMail for businesses. For companies that sign up, they can get an integrated employee directory, on mobile, with all public info about company employees, plus information that is confidential. Employees can use that to message others through InMail even if they are not already Linkedin contacts.

Roaldes says they are emphatically not going  head-to-head with Yammer, Slack, Jive or other ‘social collaboration’ tools.

The second solution is for publishing information — curation, basically. This app is for administrators and employees. Administrators can can invite employees to join groups where content can be posted and users can repost to their personal LinkedIn networks.

Both of these tools will be available by end of Q1 2015.