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Apple Watch goes on sale in April “on schedule,” says Tim Cook

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There isn’t much more time to wait for the Apple Watch, which up until today was expected in “early 2015.” Apple will start shipping its watch on an unspecified date this April, it announced on Tuesday. That’s not early, nor late, but “right on schedule,” according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who made the announcement during a conference call to discuss Apple’s huge earnings.

Apple Watch dial crown

Cook showed off the Apple Watch at a preview event in September where it also launched the larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. [company]Apple[/company] sold a record 74.5 million iPhones in the prior three months, with the handset line accounting for 68.6 percent of the company’s quarterly revenue.

Clearly, iPads and Macs put money in the bank for Apple as well but the phone brings in the lion’s share. Even if Apple Watch is a hit seller, with its $349 starting price, it won’t disrupt the iPhone’s importance to Apple; mainly because the Apple Watch is an accessory and requires an iPhone to work.

Even so, Apple is hoping for a hit that will help define the smartwatch market. It’s too early to tell if that will happen since we really don’t know everything the Apple Watch can do. The device has some health tracking functions, will support third-party apps, Apple Pay, actionable notifications from an iPhone and the viewing of pictures that you’ve favorited on your phone.

Between now and April then, expect to hear a bit more about what the Apple Watch will or won’t do, and then, perhaps be ready to stand in line.

4 Responses to “Apple Watch goes on sale in April “on schedule,” says Tim Cook”

  1. So much for that March release that everyone was hyping. The April date is real since it came directly from the head Apple. Oh well. But now I hope that the reports of the battery life are just as inaccurate. I hope Appke is able to wrangle as many hours out of the battery as possible.

    • Agree with hope re battery life. Just hypothetical… The prototypes that have been out for developers were likely built with best available technology at least one year ago. The rumored concerns about battery life centered on cpu and display consumption. It is fair to hope for progress on these. I’d like to see some sw tricks for the watch go on ‘life line’ or super low-power consumption.
      I’m just speculating . It’s early days for the category. It may be more than a year before anyone gets it right.