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Apple Pay added to 200,000 self-service machines in the U.S.

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Add another 200,000 locations to the list of where you can use Apple Pay. USA Technologies announced Tuesday a national rollout of Apple Pay support on “coffee brewers, vending machines, kiosks, laundry equipment, parking pay stations and other self-serve appliances” that the company provides payment technologies for in the U.S. Apple Pay is rolling out at a fast pace, helped in large part of course by the many iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones that the company has sold since September. Later today we’ll know how many handsets Apple sold in its most recent quarter, but I’ll place my guess now: around 68.5 million of them, with most of them sold in China, even though Apple Pay isn’t yet available there.

One Response to “Apple Pay added to 200,000 self-service machines in the U.S.”

  1. Tim Cappalli

    Slapping a new logo on it doesn’t mean it takes a “new” technology. NFC payment is NFC payment and most of these machines have been accepting it for years.