Xperia Z3 and others too

Software update will bring T-Mobile 700MHz support to Nexus 6

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Although T-Mobile is expanding its network capabilities with 700 MHz spectrum, relatively few phones support the frequency. Some of the more popular ones, however, will gain that support thanks to software updates in the coming months.

[company]T-Mobile[/company] has an updated webpage explaining the details of its 700MHz coverage and supported devices. The page, spotted by T-Mo News, says that if your mobile device doesn’t support the frequency, you may only see HSPA+ speeds. Current devices that do work on the company’s 700 MHz band include the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 4 Edge, as well as tablets such as the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 and Galaxy Tab S 10.5.

Nexus 6 side

[company]Google[/company]’s Nexus 6 will be among the first phones to get a software update to enable 700 MHz support with T-Mobile expecting to push the upgrade in early 2015. Both the Sony Xperia Z3 and Samsung Galaxy Avant are scheduled to receive the software update in May while the ZTE Max will see it some time this year.

T-Mobile began implementing its 700 MHz network after buying the spectrum from Verizon for $2.635 billion in June of 2014. The lower frequency will help the carrier broaden LTE coverage and boost signal strength indoors as the lower frequency airwaves can better travel through walls and other structures. While relatively few areas in T-Mobile’s national footprint yet have access to the 700MHz network, it’s a smart move for the carrier to plan ahead with device support, both for new handsets and those that its customers are currently using.


4 Responses to “Software update will bring T-Mobile 700MHz support to Nexus 6”

  1. Say What??

    i thought the Nexus 6 shipped with this out of the box? There is 700mhz in my area so the faster they update the faster I’ll actually have good service in my basement where I spend a lot of my time.