Residents partly cut off

Google and PayPal join Crimea sanctions efforts

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In the latest move by a U.S. tech firm to abide by sanctions on Crimea, Google will stop Android users on the peninsula from downloading apps from Google Play, according to Russian reports.

The freeze will reportedly commence at the start of February. Google will also stop Crimean residents from using AdWords or AdSense due to the export sanctions, but will still allow the use of Google’s free services.

EBay’s PayPal also said on Friday that it has stopped servicing residents of the Ukrainian peninsula, which was annexed by Russia last year, due to the sanctions levied by the U.S. and the European Union in December. Crimeans also can’t buy games from Steam due to Valve’s compliance with the sanctions.

Apple cut ties with Crimean app developers earlier this week, removing their products from the App Store and blocking their internal accounts. Google has not as yet officially said that Crimean developers can no longer put apps into the Play Store, but it’s hard to see how this could be allowed as the sanctions should nullify developer contracts and bar payments.

8 Responses to “Google and PayPal join Crimea sanctions efforts”

  1. The idea is to make any business non profitable in Crimea. No PayPal, no Visa, No MasterCard, No … -> no investors.
    Unfortunately Crimea people also have to suffer. If we start help them, they decide that “Russian ocupation is great – nothing lose but something new gain”. So they can start favour invaders.
    Crimea has to be a burden for Russia – not a new source of profit.

  2. I live in Crimea and i realy can’t undstand this sanctions. In fact “evil russians” never used this services, this sanctions against normal guys and they become “evil russians” after sanctions :(

  3. Brad Johnson

    Can someone explain to me the logic of this. As I understand the situation explained to me by the MSM, the evil Russians annexed Crimea against the will of the Crimean people and are making them suffer. The people of Crimea would gladly run back to the competent and democratic government of Kiev if only the evil Russians would let them.

    So in response we add to suffering of the poor Crimean people all ready suffering at the hand of the evil Russians by inflicting sanctions on them?

    Shouldn’t we be sending them aid or something instead? This makes no sense.