Bye Little Pony

Netflix may remove My Little Pony, other Hasbro shows

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You’ve got two weeks to prepare your kids for it: Netflix could be removing kids shows from Hasbro / Discovery from its streaming service at the beginning of February, according to reports from USA Today and the New York Post.

Shows like My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicLittlest Pet Shop, Transformers Rescue Bots and Transformers Prime will disappear on February 3 unless the two parties strike an eleventh-hour deal, which seems unlikely, but not totally out of the question. A [company]Netflix[/company] spokesperson declined to comment on negotiations between the two companies, but a [company]Hasbro[/company] spokesperson sent me the following statement:

“We know today’s audiences watch content on a number of different platforms and we are deeply committed to ensuring that the people who love our shows have access to them anytime and anywhere they want to watch. Hasbro Studios programs including My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Transformers RescueBots are currently available on numerous broadcast and streaming platforms around the world.  We are extremely hopeful that we can continue to offer our highly rated, award winning programs to Netflix U.S. subscribers. “

It’s worth noting that some movie titles with the same characters, including My Little Pony Equestria Girls, will remain on Netflix either way, as they are not covered by this deal.

Netflix regularly removes shows and movies as content deals expire, and occasionally brings back content that briefly went off the platform. But while Netflix subscribers have by and large gotten used to this dance, it’s a different story with kids shows altogether.

Last year, all hell broke lose when Netflix ended its contractual relationship with Viacom, forcing the company to remove popular kids shows like Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants and Go Diego Go, with hundreds of our readers complaining about ruined birthday parties and broken little hearts.

52 Responses to “Netflix may remove My Little Pony, other Hasbro shows”

  1. On the Netflix app it states that it will be removed on February the 17th. I really hope that My Little Pony will stay because it will break almost all my friends hearts including mine.

  2. Bexy Buttered Bickle

    Ok I am such a kid when it comes to the things I watch and mlp is one of the last kid shows on Netflix that I will watch for hours on end I used to enjoy spongebob being on Netflix but they took that off too… I’m paying almost $20 a month to keep Netflix so I can watch the shows I like I don’t know that I’m a normal adult I love kid shows I don’t like depressing shows or movies I’m a chick and I don’t even like chick flix I hate dramas and stuff like family guy although I watch it and it is funny get on my nerves I always have liked things like my little pony and spongebob… but it’s Netflix’s choice to take off all these shows I guess who am I to judge all it’s gonna do is make me rethink my service with them and I’m only one person so oh well :)

  3. Viruss Cry

    im not worried. netflix should be worried. my little pony wasnt kept up because of the 2 children whom where watching the show. it was the 100000+ bronies who where keeping it up. i hope netflix knows what tgere getting into because all hell is about to break loose

  4. ~Chaotic Discord~

    Anyone with an internet connection can find every episode under the sun on Youtube, and elsewhere. I’m not seeing the problem for bronies. Little kids and parents who can’t navigate their way around using a mouse let alone a website maybe, but certainly not bronies.

    • Amanda Lynn Velez

      I don’t think you’re very familiar with many kids. Most little kids that can’t make a piece of toast can work a computer. In some cases better than their parents. I know mine is pretty adept at finding whatever she needs on the Internet.

  5. ~Chaotic Discord~

    Anyone with an internet connection can find every episode under the sun on Youtube, and elsewhere. I’m not seeing the problem for bronies. Little kids and parents who can’t navigate their way around using a mouse let alone a website, maybe, but certainly not bronies.

    • Bexy Buttered Bickle

      Ok I can use a computer and all that but I’m paying almost $20 a month to keep my Netflix so I can watch shows like mlp quick and hassle free… so if u could post a link to where I can find somewhere else without commercials or having to pay for a completely new service I would really appreciate it… because if they take it off… I think I might miss mlp way too much and with the 5th season coming out this spring… I would really love to watch it when e n it’s out thank u :)

  6. Mares Fillies

    How is a college guy gonna get his pony fix now. :/ Dang, Netflix just keep the ponies so I could be up to date when season 5 comes out. I’ll stay optimistic otherwise there is the internet.

  7. I’m 24 years old and I LOVE My little pony, not even ashamed to say it. I will be absolutely heartbroken if they remove it from Netflix Canada, it’s one of the main reasons I even have Netflix. This is terrible news and I hope they reach an agreement to keep the 4 seasons on!

  8. mariofan48

    Why is everyone here talking about this show being great for kids, we all know that there are ‘other people’ out there who care about this, too.

    • Well, it was orininally for kids themselves. And it’s technically for everyone considering the fact the the world needs to learn about friendship-
      Seeing the fact that our world sucks and is judgmental as ever-

    • Mares Fillies

      It’s a kids show, but it’s a darn good kids show. I’d hate to see it go from Netflix’s lineup. Hopefully Hasbro and Netflix come up with some agreement.

  9. Chib Chib

    I pay for netflix every month to be able to watch all my favorite shows. I enjoy My little pony, it is a very adorable show and am pretty bothered that they might remove it.
    And hearing about the deals with people expiring now explains why Anime’s like pokemon, etc and tv shows have just disappeared,
    You monsters! D:< Keep the shows! People love them,

  10. They should never get rid of my little pony!!!!!!! All the kids love them!!!!!!!1 It’s so cruel and mean! What are they thinking when they say that! All the kids love my little pony. My kid’s favorite is rarity because she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up! :-(

  11. Leonardo Lopez

    My little pony: friendship is magic and the other Hasbro/Discovery shows are amazing for the kids. It teaches them great educational values. Those shows are very popular and it’s not fair that those shows are removed.

      • Mares Fillies

        I don’t know it kinda clicked with all age groups and both genders I think that’s under the definition of genre jumper if statistics has anything to say about it.

        • Shawn Matthews

          This will sound cliche but for me it was the elaborate side stories that are never directly addressed and rely on a vigilant viewer noticing the intricacies the script is laced in.
          Plus it’s ridiculously happy which is a nice change from rain and stress everyday.

  12. SunilNation98

    Littlest Pet Shop is one of the great shows on the channel, and is still running strong. Like MLP FiM, this show has great morals. what makes this different than most shows is the humor, the characters, the plots, reference, etc. everything about this show is great. It would really be a shame to lose it.

  13. John Willkie

    Aren’t “we” missing the bigger picture here? Netflix is “well-known” for it’s analytics and data-driven approach, all of which (if such exists) it keeps proprietary and secret.

    Netflix is able to obtain rights initially, but it seems to have problems renewing content deals. (Starz, Discovery, etc.) It seems to me that a reasonable analysis is that Netflix pays content owners enough to obtain rights on a long-term (third- or greater run) basis, but it’s analytic approach seems to prevent it from paying enough to renew deals.

    Okay, the Starz case might be an outlier. But, this is a trend. The press tosses this off as “content deals tend to expire.” If Netflix was so important to content owners, they would renew deals. Certainly, the DVD/BluRay deals (even Disney’s) don’t expire.

  14. Wonder Mike

    I have no problem streaming my shows and movies form a legal, approved source. I equally have no qualms about streaming from a legally gray, unapproved source. If something’s removed due to licensing butthurt, I’ll just move on to a source that has no such troubles. On the internet, the blackmarket is more formidable competition than the white market.

  15. Timhanlon

    All the seasons of Mythbusters from Discovery have been quietly removed from Netflix (much to dismay of my daughters last evening), which has me thinking there’s a bigger spat between the two parties afoot?

  16. Carlton Bale

    I hope they are removed. After watching 2 episodes of My Little Pony with my daughter, I said she could no longer watch the show. The characters treated each other horribly and I didn’t see any reason to expose her to such negative behaviors Friends don’t treat one another that way. And friends don’t let friends watch My Little Pony.

    • michaellaurence

      Horrible? Excuse you and your daughter. For one, it undeniable allows humans of such yourself to learn something. Something regarding friendship. “Treated each other horribly”? Don’t judge a book by its cover. If you take everything so seriously of such, juding everything based on your opinionated judgement, “negative behaviors”. Please.

    • mariofan48

      Okay, so you don’t like it, but there are other people who do, and you don’t have the right to take that away from them if they enjoy watching it.
      Besides, once your daughter grows up, she’s going to do or watch whatever she wants anyway

  17. You might notice the statement specifically mentions Netlix US. I checked out some of the other national Netflixes, and not all are affected. USA and Canada are showing the expiry notice, but Sweden for example is not.