Cloud storage? No problem

Parallels Access for iOS adds a universal file manager

Parallels Access, a remote computer app for mobile devices, received a solid upgrade on Thursday. Version 2.5 has what the company calls a “Universal File Explorer,” providing one place to access files on a computer or in the cloud from your phone. Apple iPhones and iPads gain the new file access now with Android support coming soon.

This makes it easier to get at your files when using Parallels Access to remotely access a Mac or Windows computer, regardless of where they are. In the new file manager within Parallels access, you’ll see and can search through files on the remote PC on Dropbox or in [company]Google[/company] Drive. The company says you can easily move these files between the remote computer and the cloud as well; there’s no need to open the apps for Dropbox or Google Drive, for example. And if you need access to the files, you can easily copy them from the PC or cloud provider to your phone or tablet.

Here’s a peek at how the new version seamlessly works with files in various places:

The new version is also now optimized for the larger, higher resolution displays on [company]Apple[/company]’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets, so it should offer a better remote access experience. Parallels Access 2.5 is freely available in the App Store and comes with a two-week trial. After that, you’ll pay $19.95 for a one-year subscription — $34.95 for two-years — which provides remote access for up to five computers.