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New T-Mobile prepaid unlimited talk and text plans start at $40

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T-Mobile announced on Thursday that it’s introducing a new class of prepaid plans called Simply Prepaid. It’s a monthly plan that includes unlimited minutes, texts, and 3G data — you simply pay for how much 4G LTE data you expect to use.

There are three Simply Prepaid tiers, starting at $40 per month, which nets you 1GB of LTE data, all the way up to $60 per month, which comes with 5GB of 4G LTE data. Once you’ve used up your LTE allotment, you’ll be throttled to 3G speeds until the end of the month.

While Simply Prepaid customers can tap into some T-Mobile bells and whistles like Wi-Fi calling,  these plans don’t include T-Mobile’s data exception for music streaming or cheap international data options that come with T-Mobile’s postpaid Simple Choice plan.

Simply Prepaid joins T-Mobile’s Pay As You Go prepaid plan, which starts at a much less expensive $10 but has metered minutes and texts, and users have to buy expensive one-day or seven-day data passes. Simply Prepaid plans will become available through [company]T-Mobile[/company] and authorized dealers on January 25.

6 Responses to “New T-Mobile prepaid unlimited talk and text plans start at $40”

  1. $30 plans is better. This would be good if u talk more. I text and WiFi with the occasionally 3G/H. I like this plans. That’s why I switched from virgin Mobile

  2. lmtguest

    Oh, goody! /s.

    So next month I get to pay T-mobile $40 per month instead of the $35 per month I pay now for pre-paid unlimited talk and text.

    Sigh! I wish the U.S. had actual free market competition i.e. several hundred companies competing for our business instead of the four craptacular greedy behemoths we’re stuck with.

    Thanks for price increase T-mobile [not].

  3. Steven Osorio

    This doesn’t sound like an improvement over the $30 5GB data plan with 100 mins talk. I really do hope TMO continues to offer this plan and doesn’t replace it with this Simply Prepaid plan, ’cause if they do, it pretty much puts their prepaid offerings on the same level of crap-iness of all other wireless carriers.