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First look video: VLC is coming to Android TV

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The popular media player app VLC is coming to Android TV: VLC developers have released a preview version that already looks pretty neat — here’s a first look.

Show notes for this episode:

Is VLC on Android TV a game changer, or just a nice add-on? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

3 Responses to “First look video: VLC is coming to Android TV”

  1. The issue with something like VLC is that it has so many features. That’s great on the computer but could be problematic on a platform designed for simplicity of use in a ‘lean back’ interface.
    What would be idea would be if I could make my settings on the computer and then load them, via a saved profile or some kind of network visibility or something, onto my Android TV device/app.
    It’s nice in any event. The most interesting thing though is that clearly the APIs are there and functional for third parties to integrate voice search and notifications, which drive the front page stuff on Android TV.
    So – why isn’t Netflix up to speed here? And where is HBOGo?
    I expect they’ll be along and caught up. Especially by the time the various televisoins launch with this on board.
    The real problem at the end will probably be Amazon Prime Instant Video, which Amazon has clearly decided to withhold in an effort to buoy its own ecosystem. That might work for them given the awards they won the other night for content. For myself I didn’t take them up on extending my Prime trial recently because I’m not buying a special hardware option from them to watch their content. Especially not when they are running on a skinned Android to begin with.

  2. Well, what makes VLC such a valuable asset (at least on computers) is that this player includes many codecs for playback of multiple media file formats. If this player for Android also includes the codecs, it would be a better alternative for local media playback and would not need a separate PLEX media server for transcoding of file formats for playback on PLEX clients.