Long-time vet promoted

Oracle names Thomas Kurian president

When Oracle CEO Larry Ellison promoted co-presidents Safra Catz and Mark Hurd to co-CEOs in September, a slot opened up for a new president. Now Thomas Kurian, an 18-year veteran with the company, will fill it, Oracle sources confirmed Friday morning.

News of the promotion, first reported Thursday by Bloomberg News, was announced internally but has not been publicized by the company. It’s a logical choice. Kurian joined Oracle in 1996 after a stint at McKinsey. His most recent title was EVP of  product development. He reported to Oracle executive chairman and CTO Larry Ellison and I’m betting will continue to do so.

When Ellison took on the CTO post, he mentioned specifically that he would work closely with Kurian and John Fowler, the former Sun exec who is now EVP of systems for Oracle, and a few others going forward as Oracle navigates its tricky cloud computing course.

On the one hand, Oracle — like its traditional rivals IBM, Microsoft, and SAP — continue to battle each other for market share in databases and enterprise applications. On the other, it has to contend with cloud-first players, most notably Amazon Web Services, which has launched several database initiatives on its own, lured small and growing companies and is increasingly targeting big enterprises as well.

Kurian has long been seen as an Ellison favorite. At one event years ago, then-Oracle President Charles Phillips joked to reporters and analysts that Kurian, not he, would be the next CEO of Oracle.

He’s getting closer.

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  1. PeopleSoft – Taken over by imported Indian workers in 2000 – had to be sold off to Oracle to avoid embarrassment of closing.

    Sun Micro – Dying. See above.

    Bell Labs – Taken over by Indian-national Arun Netravalli in 2003.
    Bell Labs where the transistor, UNIX, and the C programming language
    were invented is now being turned into a shopping mall.

    Quark – Taken over by Indian national Alukah Kamar – who laid off all
    the American developers and sent the work to India. The products became
    so bad that 60% of Quark’s customer base defected to Adobe InDesign,
    never to return. Kamar was later fired but not before permanent harm was
    done to Quark.

    Computer Associates’ former CEO from India is now serving 12 years in federal prison for fraud.

    MIT Media Lab Asia – Closed in 2006 due to faked invoices in India.

    Intel Whitefield processor project – this project in India was
    cancelled when Intel discovered that many of the “engineers” had faked
    their resumes.

    ComAir – ComAir’s 100% Indian IT staff caused the nationwide 2005
    Christmas day airport shutdown when they used a short int instead of a
    long int in the crew scheduling software they were working on. So much
    for the best and the brightest from overseas contributing to the
    American economy.

    Boeing Dreamliner – Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner airplane has been
    delayed 5 times – in part because of failed software written by India’s
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    Lehman – This failed Wall St. institution had purchased Wipro’s
    Spectramind software (which they in turn had bought from someone else
    and messed up) just before it went bankrupt. It also had hired large
    numbers of India, Inc. workers just before it went under.

    Dell – Outsourced a lot of work to India over the past decade.
    Profits are now down 54%. Michael Dell once said “Stability is more
    important than growth”.

    United/Delta – Both companies brought their call centers back to the
    U.S. from India when they discovered that foreign call centers were
    harming their business.

    HSBC – ATM software was taken over by India, Inc., ATMs began failing in 2006.

    AIG – Signed outsourcing deal in 2007 in Europe with Accenture, collapsed in 2009.

    Vodaphone – UK’s top cell phone vendor has gone into major decline –
    in part because its CEO from India didn’t do the job and walked out with
    over $41 million in compensation for doing nothing.

    World Bank – Indian, Inc. fraudsters including Wipro were BANNED for 3 years because they stole data

    • what a dumb comment….so now start listing all the failure’s made by non-Indians too…if someone of German origin takes the reigns you could start listing failures of Germans. same with Japanese, British, “American”, etc. A lot of the failures listed were also not because Indian were involved. The comment is flawed on so many levels and is based on fear/ignorance.

    • True. That is American intelligence for you. If a business has to be run down non-Americans are used. The benefits of running business down without liabilities to ex employees or share holders are for the real owners. If a wall street banker had to be jailed it will be hand picked non-American. Likely those who you are referring to. How the non-Americans are used is totally up to the Americans. Rather English and Americans. This level of intelligence may seem quite clever, epic that defines the era and writes a better history that favors the winners as always. If you have intelligence find out who the real winners are.

    • Little salty there Jon? Kurian came to the US in 1986 , has degrees from Princeton and Stanford. If he rose to the current position that he is in right now, then that should be something that you can show to your kids as a possible role model. Instead all you could do is generalize and make dumb comments.

    • Jon, I would not say the comment you made is dumb but most of them are not true. If people start tackling each of your comments, then I would say that is the dumbest thing to do. Each and every successful software companies has an Indian in their core group. In fact, not just software even NASA has more Indians than Americans in some areas but that does not mean anything. So lets not list down where non-Indians screwed companies big time and hope Thomas does a good job in his new role. I am sure you lost your job recently but lets face it even Indians lose their jobs in IT. That’s the way the business is. Chill out dude!