It finally launches Android

Coffee Meets Bagel is now a true mobile dating contender

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If you’re a single, semi-techie person under the age of 40, you’re probably familiar with the mobile dating app trifecta: Tinder, Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel. The trio, with Tinder leading the way, have redefined what it means to find love on the go with simple user interfaces and minimal text baggage. There are lingering, entrenched dinosaurs like, Ok Cupid, and Plenty of Fish, but they’re not the future of romance in the smartphone era.

You can imagine my surprise, then, to discover that until Tuesday Coffee Meets Bagel didn’t actually have an Android app. It’s been around for more than two years, and 40 percent of its users were stuck using the mobile web version of the service. It’s rather remarkable the app carried on at all.

“We’re a very lean team. We still have today only 11 full time people,” co-founder Dawoon Kang told me as way of explanation. “We decided we would learn as much as possible through iOS before translating all that learning into Android.”

Until now, Coffee Meets Bagel was hindered by its lack of Android. It was shutting off more than half the smartphone market. But now the path is cleared for it to battle its rival: Up-and-coming favorite Hinge. Kang doesn’t see it that way. “There is definitely room for more than one winner,” Kang said. “A lot of single people end up using multiple services because there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t.”

She makes a fair point. Freemium mobile dating services are almost a commodity. As a young single person in San Francisco, I’m on both Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel…and Tinder, although I’m on the latter reluctantly.

Although Tinder may be thought of as the premier mobile dating app, the more popular Tinder has grown the more casual it has become. It’s dating-as-entertainment, an endless swiping past faces, addictive hits of ego boost when matches are made. It’s turned into a game that rarely translates into real life.

In its wake are the two remaining mobile romantic champions: Both Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel. Their designs keep the dating focus by limiting the number of matches a day.

With Coffee Meets Bagel’s new Android app and upcoming appearance on Shark Tank on Friday, it’s doubling down on its product.

7 Responses to “Coffee Meets Bagel is now a true mobile dating contender”

  1. Just to clarify. There wasn’t a $30 million dollar offer. It was a hypothetical after he already said he was out. He did that before on a previous episode and then bashed the guys for them being ridiculous.

  2. stevezilla3

    I found it interesting that they did not mention anything about a Korean site called ium which operates under an almost identical business model… Only real difference is that ium is generating a profit. I think using ium as an example could have been a powerful fact to use in the tank to demonstrate that the model has proven to be profitable in a different geographical location. With the numbers presented the company has a mountain to climb to be profitable, they should have jumped all over the $30 million.

    Here is an insightful commentary about Coffee Meets Bagel from an investors perspective:

  3. They did not do well on shark tank —there presentation was spme ehat weak and a bit confussing –10 million in projected sales and NO profit—is that after they take salary and expenses for themselves???

  4. coffee meets bagel is great for meeting your new investment banker/venture capitalist/software engineer ivy league accredited bae. in nyc at least. the quality of people on that app are considerably higher than the scum on tinder.

  5. As an online dating coach, I usually steer my clients away from smaller dating sites and apps that just don’t have the user base numbers to really present a good experience. But I’ve been hearing more and more consistently positive reports on CMB!

    I’m bummed that I can’t test it any more, though! But I’m happy to say that the founder was super-cool about asking me to shut down my test/research profile—he was like “the way we work, our users are understandably disappointed when they get only one match per day and it’s someone happily married who’s just on here for research.” Totally true. Anyone wanna let me peek into their CMB experience so I can live/test/research vicariously? :)