Doesn't look like a Roku app

Tablo is building a beautiful Roku app for its cord-cutting DVR

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Thought all Roku apps look the same? Think again: Tablo is getting ready to launch a beautiful new Roku app for its DVR for cord cutters that doesn’t look like any of the old-school Roku apps you still seeĀ a lot on that platform. Tablo previewed the new app at the Pepcom Digital Experience event at CES in Las Vegas on Monday night, and Grant Hall, CEO of Tablo maker Nuvyyo, told me that he hopes to have the app ready before the end of this quarter.

Tablo's new Roku app.
Tablo’s new Roku app

A detail that developers will appreciate: Tablo is building this new app with Brightscript, Roku’s own scripting language. Roku has only allowed a small number of hand-selected partners to use HTML5 for their apps, and making visually stunning apps has proven to be a bit harder with Brightscript than it would be with HTML5.


Tablo also showed off a great-looking new app for Android TV and Fire TV at CES. Hall said that app will be available even before the Roku app.

Tablo's new app for Android TV and Fire TV.
Tablo’s new app for Android TV and Fire TV

Finally, the company showed its new Tablo Metro DVR, which comes with tiny built-in antennas that are able to pick up HD TV broadcast signals in metropolitan areas where a big external antenna isn’t necessary. It’s a little bit like Aereo’s dime-sized antennas, albeit with a slightly different technology, and for the DVR in your home.

Those star-shaped patterns are tiny TV antennas.
Those star-shaped patterns are tiny TV antennas.

Tablo is currently only selling its DVRs online, but Hall said the company may start selling them in retail stores later this year.


7 Responses to “Tablo is building a beautiful Roku app for its cord-cutting DVR”

  1. We use the Tablo TV with our Chromecast, android tablets and android phones. After recent updates the fast forwarding 30 seconds and rewinding 20 seconds work pretty well now. We’ve been using it and love it – as it continues to improve!

  2. SeattleSteve

    Good News ! Looking forward to it .. I may get one soon. I currently use a 1st gen. and it’s pretty good. With the Nov. update, and google lolipop, I can stream my TV to my phone. If you use the website for you can skip 30 sec. forward or 10 sec. back.

  3. ishekhar

    Wondering when they will update their site with this new information (on Tablo Metro DVR) ?
    Also i looked several times at them as a possible solution but with Verizon offering a a 100+ channels TV service for $10/month extra ($30/month for internet vs $40 for internet + TV for existing FIOS customers), TabloTV offering ($200+ for device + antenna + USB Drive + subscription) for 5 broadcast channels and DVR wasn’t a competition at all.
    Wished they understood: the chord-cutters aren’t looking to substitute one subscription with other.

      • frankrizzo

        While I agree, FF is a little clunky, using FF with a Roku hasn’t been a problem. It took me a few tries to figure out that you just click FF a few times and hit the GO button. It queues up and plays within seconds.

        My experience overall with the Tablo has been great. I am cautiously surprised though as I was an early adopter with the BoxeeBox and thought it too had a bright future, only to be sold to Samsung and disappear.

        And anyone complaining about the guide cost, suck it up and go lifetime. I like how Tablo ties it to the account and not the box.