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SIM-free iPhone 6, 6 Plus reportedly debuting tomorrow

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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PlusYou can already buy an unlocked GSM iPhone 6 or 6 Plus direct from Apple but it comes with a T-Mobile SIM in the U.S. Consumers will have the option to ditch that SIM card — much to T-Mobile’s chagrin, I’d guess — according to 9to5 Mac whose sources say the SIM-free iPhones go on sale Tuesday.

Pricing should remain the same as the currently available unlocked models, which start at $649. The only real difference here is that you’ll have to provide your own compatible GSM SIM card for your new phone since there won’t be one included. Update: This phone did launch on Tuesday and isn’t just an unlocked GSM model; it’s a “world phone” that supports CDMA, GSM, TD-LTE and many other networks.

8 Responses to “SIM-free iPhone 6, 6 Plus reportedly debuting tomorrow”

  1. pkdecville


    I think this is the “iPhone that Rules them all”. Anyone who can afford the upfront cost will buy this unlocked super phone. Eventually will build ONLY this model.

    Two SKUs:

    iPhone n

    iPhone n Plus

  2. Sathish Rao

    I’m still unclear about the difference between this SIM-free phone & the existing T-Mobile variant. All one needs to do with the current T-Mobile phone is to take out the pre inserted T-Mobile SIM & use any other GSM SIM.
    Will this new SIM-Free variant support both GSM & CDMA ? Will it support both FD & TD LTE bands so that it’s true “world phone” ?

  3. Steven L.

    >Consumers will have the option to ditch that SIM card

    As opposed to now, where they have the option to literally ditch the card, probably in the trash ;)