Swarovski crystals make this Misfit fitness tracker sparkle


Credit: Misfit

Most fitness trackers are meant to blend in, but if you’d like your wearable to stand out, Misfit has covered its flagship Shine tracker with a giant Swarovski crystal.

There’s one major new feature in the new trackers in the Swarovski Shine Collection. If you get the Shine covered with a purple Swarovski crystal, it’s actually hiding a solar panel that means the tracker never needs a battery replacement. The solar-powered tracker uses the Swarovski crystal to refract light directly onto the solar cell, according to Misfit. (If you get the Shine with a clear crystal, it will still need a battery replacement after four months.)

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A package with a Shine and accessories will cost between $170 and $250 when it goes on sale later this spring. Pre-orders are available now. The normal Shine, which costs $100, comes in 10 colors when it’s not covered in glass cut to look like diamonds. Misfit also sells a $50 fitness tracker, the plastic-covered Flash.

Sure, Swarovski’s glittery look might be too garish for some, but that’s fashion: Choices that work for some people will be a non-starter for others. For instance, Misfit’s rival Fitbit has a partnership with Tory Burch that hides its trackers inside bangles and jewelry. The question is when savvy consumers stop thinking of these kind of fashion collaborations as styled-up fitness trackers and instead consider them to be jewelry with a little bit of connectivity.


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