Time for accessories already?

The “first great Apple Watch accessory” is here at CES

Companies aren’t wasting any time getting on the Apple Watch bandwagon. Here’s Exhibit A: The Bandstand Apple Watch Dock from Standzout, prototypes of which will be on display at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

Bandstand Apple Watch dock

The dock, which Standzout called “first great Apple Watch accessory,” will charge your [company]Apple[/company] Watch using an induction charging plate that holds the timepiece. It gets power from a wire in the dock’s base, which also includes two USB ports to recharge other devices, such as an iPad or iPhone. The platform also pivots so you can tilt your Apple Watch just so.

I can’t say I’m surprised by such a dock; this is probably one of many that we’ll see this year. But I may have to stop by the Standzout booth to get a closer look at this, mainly because I’m not sure there’s a real purpose here.

Most of the time, the Apple Watch will be on your wrist; you’re not likely going to dock it for viewing information when you’ll have that same info available to you on other iOS devices. And with such a small battery inside the Apple Watch, I wouldn’t expect it to take more than an hour or two to recharge the timepiece. For the moment, this seems like a fancy charging dock you might not need for a watch you don’t yet have.


8 Responses to “The “first great Apple Watch accessory” is here at CES”

    • What does that even mean? Are you implying that Apple can’t make a smartwatch because others are doing it? Why doesn’t that logic apply to the entire current smartphone and tablet industry that followed Apple with capacitive touch screen phones with UI designed around the finger and full internet browsers? Hmmm? You think Apple just started making this yesterday? The Apple Watch has been in the works, being designed and prototyped, for years. A product like this takes at least 2-3 years to bring to market from inception. So your comment is what’s stupid.

  1. jaygiraud

    Disagree. This is a great product. I’ve been seeking a dock for all my iOS devices for a year, and was holding off to get something that would future proof me for future iOS devices like the watch. This will definitely get space on my bedside.

  2. Seems a little much. First – a lot of people might be able to afford an iWatch but how many can afford to dedicate a foot of bedside space to a stand for one?
    This would be more clever if it attached to the wall – hovering your delicate, smallish gadget up out of the fray of the night stand. Then you still have room for a glass of water and a book. And need not worry about spilling on your toy or pushing it off the side of the stand or anything.
    Of course such wall charging docs would also be idea for tablets and phones and you don’t see them much either. Clearly we are not living in the future yet. The future has wall docks.

  3. Pebble user here, for which much of Kevin’s arguments apply as well. I don’t have a dock for it; I’ve often felt the need for it. There are a few reasons. A smartwatch is small enough that it gets lost among devices on my charging nook – phones for everyone in the house, multiple iPads, a few bluetooth headsets. Having a convenient stand to pick it up from in the morning would be swell. It may charge in just a few hours, but (1) people generally wear watches in the day and take them off at night (2) it’s better to form habits than to charge strictly when necessary, and watches will be left on the charging dock longer than a few hours. And the small size of smartwatches means you have have to twist around the chargers a certain way to align with the watch – a small pain, but one nevertheless.

    • All good points; I say that as having used a Pebble in the past and now using a Sony Smartwatch 3, which is even less convenient to charge. Ultimately, I just want to put my watch down and have it recharge as needed; I don’t really need a tilting stand to view it while it charges; just seems a little pointless from that regard but I hear you on the rest of it. Thanks!