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The iCloud Photos web app quietly disappeared

The iCloud Photos web app, which allowed users to access photos uploaded from iPads and iPhones in a web browser, has been taken down. Users navigating to the beta app’s permalink now receive an message that Apple “can’t load Photos.” The web app launched for iOS 8.1 users in October. Remember that Apple has promised to launch a new photo app for OS X in “early 2015” to replace the native Mac versions of both iPhoto and Aperture — so the iCloud Photos web app could be coming back in a new form when that app launches.

Update 2:20 ET: As pointed out by commenter patrick2, the iCloud Photos web app is back up. I was able to load it a few minutes ago.

3 Responses to “The iCloud Photos web app quietly disappeared”

  1. somedaygirl

    I think Apple lacks an education and promotion of their apps- lots more ppl would jump on the bandwagon if they knew what the apps were and how to use them