5 Responses to “5 social trends you can expect to see in 2015”

  1. Keith Hawn

    RE #5 – they “will come of age” ??? wow, that was a bold prediction…would have thought you’d try to predict their revenue potential on your own or something like that…..

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    I’m looking forward to Foursquare’s Finale. I may sound mean, but other SocMed sites have surpassed what they have started. A quiet retreat is what they need. Who knows? They might come back in some other shape or form, better than what we’ve had before…

  3. forrestmaready

    Regarding the deep linking and app constellations- This unbundling is seamless on Android because of the ubiquitous back button. For iOS users, if you’ve never used Android, the back button navigates backwards, both within the app you’re currently in, and backwards across to the apps you were previously in. For Android users, it doesn’t matter if Messenger and Facebook are different apps. Messenger becomes just another view in the Navigation stack on Facebook. And that article your friend linked to in Messenger feels like a Chrome view in Messenger- not a half-baked web view, but a fully-fledged Chrome mobile tab of the article. Two taps of the Android back button and you’re back to where you started. This intra-app flow feels natural and is the only Android feature I find missing on iOS.

    Until iOS has a similar feature, the unbundling of apps will make the user experience more of a pain than a welcome efficiency gain.