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RadiumOne’s fired CEO Gurbaksh Chahal wants back in

RadiumOne Founder Gurbaksh Chahal, who was fired last spring  after a very public controversy sparked by charges of domestic violence, wants to buy the company back, according to Re/code.

Chahal, who since founded Gravity4, remains a major shareholder of San Francisco-based RadiumOne, which uses data gleaned from social networks to automate ad buys across media channels.

Re/Code has obtained the pro forma “we have to consider all offers” response from RadiumOne and a statement from Chahal that confirms the offer. He noted that Gravity4 has the capital, vision and leadership to lead RadiumOne.

Chahal has been vocal in his opinion that RadiumOne should be sold rather than pursue a planned IPO.

Who knows? Given the buying frenzy among big software companies trying to cash in on the marketing and advertising craze, it makes sense that [company]Oracle[/company] or [company]Adobe Systems[/company] might also be in the hunt for RadiumOne which has about $33.5 million in venture investment.


2 Responses to “RadiumOne’s fired CEO Gurbaksh Chahal wants back in”

  1. Maybe the board wanted him out, and sent a girl to seduce Chahal, and then tasked to make a false charge(surprised it wasn’t a False rape accusation)to have justification to fire Chahal.