Beyond IE: Microsoft reportedly building new “Spartan” browser


Back in September, ZDNet Microsoft-watcher Mary-Jo Foley reported that the next version of Internet Explorer was being developed under the codename “Spartan”. On Monday, though, she quoted anonymous sources as saying Spartan would be a whole new browser, rather than IE 12. Building on other reports, Foley said the new lightweight browser will support extensions and hopefully be more streamlined than IE has become over its two decades of existence. Nonetheless, for the sake of backwards compatibility, the upcoming Windows 10 will ship with both Spartan (or whatever its final name is) and IE 11, she said.



“Halo is pretty popular. . .let’s name everything we make after characters from Halo!”

Look for the new Masterchief Mouse in Q2 2015…

Daniel Ruiz

Microsofts Marketing can call it whatever they like but as long as the browser is using Trident as its layout engine its IE. If they were smart they would drop Trident and use Webkit in the new browser.


Sadly, Microsoft still mostly suffers from NIH syndrome. Some of what they are doing in Azure shows that they are “learning”. But …

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