Hackers hit during holiday

Scrooges strike: Xbox Live, Playstation Network both down

Bad news if there was an Xbox or Playstation under the tree this Christmas Day: You won’t likely get to use either console online for a bit. Why? Both system networks are experiencing issues, reportedly due to a denial of service attack, says Neowin.

[company]Sony[/company] indicated on Twitter that it is aware of an issue that’s impacting its network:

A search on Twitter for “Playstation network” shows that at time of writing, there are many people impacted and complaining. The same can be said for [company]Microsoft[/company]’s Xbox Live service; here’s one example I found on Twitter:

I also checked Microsoft’s official Xbox Live status page and it shows that service is indeed limited:

Xbox Live status Christmas Day


Microsoft will text you when service is restored, as indicated in the screenshot above. That’s helpful once the issues are resolved but as is often the case when these services are negatively impacted, it’s difficult to know how long it will take to resolve the problems. And for many new game console owners this holiday, that’s as good as coal in the stocking.


343 Responses to “Scrooges strike: Xbox Live, Playstation Network both down”

  1. Note to parents: try giving your kids gifts that don’t require a network.
    You know, like books, a bicycle, a football, etc… All those fat kids sitting in front of the Playstation need to go outside and get some fresh air.

  2. I love how it says “We realize some people are experiencing issues logging in and we are investigating.” When the whole frigging system is offline!! EVERYONE IS EXPERIENCING ISSUES!!!

  3. Fuck this. I’m slowly dying of a stage-4 cancer in my back. I have about 4-5 months left to live and i want to fucking do is play my games, cos i can’t physically get around. I don’t know the full story but WHY do these hackers have to fuck everything up for the players?? Surely there’s a different department within Sony they can shove their political views onto. Why don’t they go hack into iTunes and make everything free or something instead?
    ALL i want to do is play my fucking games before i die.
    Fuck you hackers. I hope you all get sick so you truly understand how much the little things in life can make a difference when you’ve got nothing left.

  4. sexyathlete04

    All my games are downloaded from psn but I can playoffline. The only thing is the offline will not save to the online record when the network comes back on…. You are supposed to be able to play every game offline… Sometimes you have to go to network settings and unclick the internet link because your system is still trying to access it…

  5. While all this chaos is going around I think this should teach us something, because we rely on the Internet too much, and just to play online with other people? And I know how the people who downloaded games on these consoles are frustrated and I get that because I bought Alien Isolation, but we have to push back for online. And if this issue can be resolved add me on PS network, Rightous_Player

  6. Psn’s(Sony) recent attack by ‘lizard squad’ on their severs effected allot of people on Christmas day and boxing day!
    Its not the first time this has happened and I’m sure probably not the last? I have emailed sony(psn) asking the the question ‘are you going to refund the days lost on my account due to the hacking for which I have paid for in advance that I am unable to access’ and didn’t get a response.
    Yes any service can or could be hacked or attacked but a large Corporation like Sony should have safeguards against such attacks like this?at the end of the day its us the users and paid subscribers that lose out. Friend or like PSN REFUND(facebook) Be the first? they may not listen to me but enough of us they have to.

  7. Lizard Homos

    can someone find out if the lizard squad any of them are in the UK, I want to smash their houses up on new years eve and beat up there family! someone please post where they live im in the mood for a drive

  8. The Syndicate Nation

    This wouldn’t have happened if both corporations actually listened to their high paying customers I’m glad this finnally happened. lol, But the threat was made a long time ago that it would shut off at christmas the threat was along the lines of shutting it down forever,,,, On another note you can’t blame anonymous your precious “freedom fighters” are propertiy of the FBI… Then again america had no problem hacking everyone else in the world… This message is brought to you by The Syndicate Nation