Hackers hit during holiday

Scrooges strike: Xbox Live, Playstation Network both down

Bad news if there was an Xbox or Playstation under the tree this Christmas Day: You won’t likely get to use either console online for a bit. Why? Both system networks are experiencing issues, reportedly due to a denial of service attack, says Neowin.

[company]Sony[/company] indicated on Twitter that it is aware of an issue that’s impacting its network:

A search on Twitter for “Playstation network” shows that at time of writing, there are many people impacted and complaining. The same can be said for [company]Microsoft[/company]’s Xbox Live service; here’s one example I found on Twitter:

I also checked Microsoft’s official Xbox Live status page and it shows that service is indeed limited:

Xbox Live status Christmas Day


Microsoft will text you when service is restored, as indicated in the screenshot above. That’s helpful once the issues are resolved but as is often the case when these services are negatively impacted, it’s difficult to know how long it will take to resolve the problems. And for many new game console owners this holiday, that’s as good as coal in the stocking.


343 Responses to “Scrooges strike: Xbox Live, Playstation Network both down”

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  3. SyntonicEagle

    Why must you log into Xbox Live to play a disc on your console???!!!! This is ridiculous!! They should have kept it the same as the 360 where profiles are created on the console and you could log into Xbox Live to play multiplayer games online. None of the engineers/ programmers ever thought of scenarios where people may not be able to get online?? Come ON!!!

  4. peacekepper

    for all xbox players you can still play your games but cant play online all you have to do is go to setting then network. once in network look at the bottem left side of the screen for go offline. Press it then you can play your games intell xbox service is restored

  5. It’s Christmas and what happens while children are geared up waiting for a whole month for the 25th of December and these TROLLS/Hackers think it is funny to ruin other peoples fun what has the world come too

  6. That’s why I don’t respect hackers. They pretend like they’re the good guys, “Hey look. We hacked the KKK’s website and blah blah blah” And then they turn around and do something to people who haven’t done anything wrong. “Hur hur hur, we took down psn and xbox live.” Yea? Well you still aren’t getting laid anytime soon…

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  8. Tasty Pete

    I want to be mad at Microsoft and Sony for not being better prepared to deal with this, but honestly it’s difficult to fully cover yourself against DDoS attacks. I’m more infuriated by the fact that a bunch of high school kids who know how to download a script, type an IP and hit enter are calling themselves hackers and having ‘Project Mayhem’ fantasies while they hug themselves with glee about “sticking it to the man” rather than acknowledging that they are, in fact, just script kiddies on the verge of being assraped by the law.

  9. Maybe instead of requiring an update just play the system, maybe microsoft should’ve just had the platforming software on the xbox. Now, I have a bum system that I can’t even play offline. I’m disappointed in Microsoft’s engineering layout of the latest gen. They should have thought this through a long time ago. If I didn’t understand what christmas was really about, I would be very upset.