Hackers hit during holiday

Scrooges strike: Xbox Live, Playstation Network both down

Bad news if there was an Xbox or Playstation under the tree this Christmas Day: You won’t likely get to use either console online for a bit. Why? Both system networks are experiencing issues, reportedly due to a denial of service attack, says Neowin.

[company]Sony[/company] indicated on Twitter that it is aware of an issue that’s impacting its network:

A search on Twitter for “Playstation network” shows that at time of writing, there are many people impacted and complaining. The same can be said for [company]Microsoft[/company]’s Xbox Live service; here’s one example I found on Twitter:

I also checked Microsoft’s official Xbox Live status page and it shows that service is indeed limited:

Xbox Live status Christmas Day


Microsoft will text you when service is restored, as indicated in the screenshot above. That’s helpful once the issues are resolved but as is often the case when these services are negatively impacted, it’s difficult to know how long it will take to resolve the problems. And for many new game console owners this holiday, that’s as good as coal in the stocking.


343 Responses to “Scrooges strike: Xbox Live, Playstation Network both down”

  1. Haribo loxx

    Just got X1 plugged it in but won’t even get to menu screen due to needing update !! ….. I also have a Ps4 and can’t play that cos I only have destiny and the crew !! Wtf , bull crap is this !!

    Joke hackers need a fecking slap, wot reason would they other than ‘ because they can ‘ crap

  2. I’m impressed that the reaction here — and elsewhere — is so commonly exactly what Lizard Squad want, which is ‘tears’. The more attention you give them, the more encouraged they are.

    As a side note, this wasn’t a hack. There were no hackers involved. DDOSing is a matter of clicking the button — it’s not rocket science.

  3. that guy over there

    thanks Obama, first you give christians ebola to destroy Christmas, but that wasn’t enough, now he is destroying our gaming servers to hit us where it hurts, what will that communist do next!

  4. Philip Mullis

    a 300$ ddos can take down a multi-bililion dollar company, something not balanced with that :/
    better distributed network services are needed, its no excuse in hindsight.

    I hope ms and psn starts dishing out freebies as a result of the failures.

  5. Nothing is working on Xbox one, you cant sign into your profile without loosing xbox live, for the longest time i was signed into my account profile offline (which is useless because nothing will be saved or could be loaded in any games because all saved game data is pretty much on the Cloud) but now its recently changed so that i cannot sign into my profile, but all the networking icons and adds have appeared again. (which is still useless because you need an account to use the apps and or buy things)…..I have had my console for about 2 months now, and have no complaints at all, I feel bad for the kids that were lucky enough to get one for Christmas this year and its not going to work. Merry Christmas!

  6. Casual Snax

    as an adult im alright not being able to play my xbox as i have a million and a half other things to do, but for the poor young folk who have been looking forward to this day i just feel terrible. hacking a company/person for political reasons is permissable in my opinion but taking down a service simply to ruin childrens joy is a disturbing fact to hear.

  7. fuck you hackkers

    These hackers are a joke, I mean really . Lets make it so some kids can’t play online. These people need to get a fucking life. I hope they all get caught and set in prison.

  8. Really!!!!! What North Korea is saying is They want everyone to watch the FREE movie


    It was a hacker group called LESSTHANZERO
    That took down the servers…. a weaker group called Lizzard Squad is trying to take credit. This is how fat little boys with low self esteem, try to make a name for themselves.

  10. Dude Xbox is down as well I have both. Honestly its Kinda shady that they have this going on during Christmas? Our new systems just keep getting worse. Lol I say we all get WiiU’s and play Hyrule worriors.

  11. Well now I want to watch The Interview on my my new Xbox THAT DOESN’T WORK! damn updates. Oh and damn hackers… Btw the way if anybody has the latest update should upload it to a website to download so people like me who are now just setting up their Xboxs’ on Christmas day can play them.

  12. so taking down a huge company like Microsoft for a while and costing them tons of money receives basically no response to highten their security or figure out a way to catch these people. The people controlling all this stuff need to put their foot down and get this problem done because it looks like all they care about is selling their console. After that, fuck the customer and forget about them.

  13. Everybody is just dumb play offline o boohoo i cant play online did we have a online with the first nintendo no so deal with it there getting things done and you crying is not helping.

    • Lizard Virgin

      no they didn’t. misinformation is rampant. like calling these pre-teens “hackers” when they are just script kiddies. “look ma i copy and pasted this code. I AHM TEH UBER LEETZ”