So much for social TV

GetGlue successor TVtag is shutting down

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Social TV service TVtag, which was previously known as GetGlue, is shutting down at the end of the year. TVtag announced the shutdown in an email to users Friday afternoon, which stated that users had just a few days left to manually request the export of their data by emailing the TVtag team.

The email reads, in part:

“Later this month, we will be shutting down tvtag and its supporting apps in order to refocus our efforts on other initiatives. (…) We’re grateful for all your support over the last four years. You’ve helped us build an incredible community of fellow TV fans. We’ll miss it dearly.”

TVtag’s website and Twitter account have yet to be updated to acknowledge the shutdown.

TVTag launched earlier this year as a successor to GetGlue, a pioneering social TV service that let users check in to TV shows and earn stickers for doing so. GetGlue experimented with a few different social TV models throughout the years, which included a pure Foursquare-like check-in experience for all kinds of media as well as a new type of TV guide, but it never gained traction beyond a core audience of check-in enthusiasts.

The company went through a bit of a tumultuous time when it first announced, then canceled an acquisition by publicly traded Viggle, and eventually got sold to Utah-based i.TV in late 2013.

Much of the original GetGlue team, including founder Alex Iskold, had long left the company, but it’s unclear whether the shutdown is resulting in further layoffs. I asked the company for comment, but have yet to hear back. i.TV CEO Brad Pelo told me earlier this year that TVtag employed more than 50 curators to distill key moments from live TV feeds, and make them instantly shareable through TVtag’s app.

That approach however didn’t go over well with GetGlue’s original users, many of which didn’t seem too surprised by the decision to shut down Friday. As one user put it on Twitter:

24 Responses to “GetGlue successor TVtag is shutting down”

  1. This is disappointing. I loved GetGlue. It was a dream social media site for geeks and anyone in general who wanted to share their passions and streamed away from the convention, until they re-launched as TVTag. It was not a good idea. TVtag just wasn’t unique. It was boring. GG was interactive and creative. GetGlue gets turned into TVtag that, in turn, gets canceled. I think a re-launch of a platform similar to GetGlue would be ideal. I still have all of my stickers.

  2. Ray O'Rourke

    So now I’ve got a useless app on my phone that is no longer listed in Google Play under My Apps, so how the heck do I go about removing it?

    Such a shame GetGlue ever sold it.

  3. CrimsonRegret

    Does anyone know how to actually access the data though? I got my archive file but can’t get it past literal code. What am I supposed to do with that? How can I actually view it? What is it supposed to look like… cause I am thinking actual images or something. Thanks in advance!

  4. Not shocking. I liked checking in, but overall I think core audiences use FB and Twitter to talk about shows because it is easier. There are people trying to replicate classic glue, but that probably wont ever gain traction it needs to make it work. I think the issue is with TVTag is they had no clue how to monetize. I still think they could have charged for stickers and on top of that allowed for some advertising. Ridiculous that it ever came to this, but it’s probably for the best they were getting way too many spammers. That’s what happens when company with 0 passion for what they’re doing take over something they never had business taking over to begin with.

    • You’ve pointed it out correctly I guess. Probably you could see it coming, the iOS was absolutely bugged for so long.

      They didn’t monetize, probably one major reason. However they just killed the brand by calling it tvtag. I think get glue was much better and intriguing. Tv tag sounded so cliche…

  5. No surprise there.They totally screwed it with the changes.In the old site you could check-in to books,music,comics…Then they took all that away.With every change,they made it more uncomfortable to use and less interesting.And lots of shows (specially the ones from CW) stopped to offer stickers.I read comments from lots of users that decided to stop using the site,Sad,but when you don’t your work right, failure is assured.

  6. Ankit Khandelwal

    They had potential when they launched in the beginning. Used to have fun, check in and receive stickers, even few physical stickers mailed to us. Lots of Media houses used to use it for TV shows and movies. Then they started experimenting too much which made everything confusing. And finally they were acquired by i.TV which made it unusable. Well, they were certainly Pioneers of social aspects of watching movies and TV shows. All the best to the GetGlue and TVtag team.

  7. You guys asking for comment and not hearing back is pretty much every correspondence I’ve ever had with their team… It had great potential but needed some bugs worked out… they never answered tweets or support/feedback emails. I deleted it months ago because it just got to be so pointless with most shows not even showing up. So this doesn’t surprise me but I don’t ever like hearing about companies imploding.

      • For me, I always do it with the hope that a similar service will allow you to import your data in (sometimes this actually happens, usually it doesn’t). I’m hoping that we get our old GetGlue data though, not just TVtag, otherwise it’ll be largely worthless to me.

        At the very least, I can store the data and feel like I have something to show for the time put into the website rather than it completely being wiped. (Though I’ll never use it.)

    • Why did TVTag even buy GetGlue if they weren’t going to invest the time and money to make it a better product?

      More importantly, where are we going to go now? Has anyone tried Viggle or Miso? What is the best second screen app for us TV junkies?

      • Miso is dead, it was shutdown as well. Viggle is still alive and focuses on music & TV: you check in and get rewards. TVShow Time is like every binge watcher’s best friend, you keep track of what you watch and you can access your shows’ schedule.