Make your own filters on this Instagram for photo pros

EyeEm, which is like an Instagram for professional photographers, is now attempting to woo Average Joes to the application. With a new update, EyeEm has added a wide range of such tools, like exposure, contrast, and brightness (but not color). Instead of sticking with preset filters, you can make your own.

An animation showing the new EyeEm editing tools.
An animation showing the new EyeEm editing tools.

It brings a few professional-level editing tools to the masses by simplifying them for mobile use. It’s the kind of application that’s unlikely to ever explode with consumers — Instagram beat it to the mainstream — but with 10 million registered users it’s a crowd pleaser for those looking for a little more mobile photo editing control.

With the edit tool update, the company also introduced a feature called “Open Edit,” where you can inspect a posted photo to see what editing options the person used on it. That way you can copy someone’s editing choices (i.e. filter) as a bundle and apply it to any of your photos.

EyeEm's new Open Edit tool
EyeEm’s new Open Edit tool

EyeEm is essentially trying to professionalize mobile photography and mobile photo editing. It makes money through partnerships with companies like Getty, which buys stock images from EyeEm photographers who then share the returns with the photo app. “We use technology to make sure we’re capturing the highest resolution pictures the mobile camera allows,” Markus Spiering, Chief Product Officer (and former head of product at Flickr), told me.