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Google’s alpha-stage email encryption plugin lands on GitHub

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Google has updated its experimental End-to-End email encryption plugin for Chrome and moved the project to GitHub. The firm said in a Tuesday blog post that it had “always believed strongly that End-To-End must be an open source project.” The alpha-stage, OpenPGP-based extension now includes the first contributions from Yahoo’s chief security officer, Alex Stamos. Google will also make its new crypto library available to several other projects that have expressed interest. However, product manager Stephan Somogyi said the plugin still wasn’t ready for the Chrome Web Store, and won’t be widely released until Google is happy with the usability of its key distribution and management mechanisms.

2 Responses to “Google’s alpha-stage email encryption plugin lands on GitHub”

  1. Even worse – RSA is broken anyway. Only WavBit would be of any use. I mean would you trust Google and Yahoo with your email… Come on….. The Narus STA 6400 sits between you and them anyway. So a browser solution is not practical. You need a exe to protect what leave your machine. SSL is meaningless today.

  2. fool_me_once

    The private key should be stored on a flash drive you can take with you. Google will no doubt store it “in the cloud” thus making the use of end to end encryption a sham.