Mini app store for keyboards

Fleksy keyboard expands its uses with new extensions

When does a software keyboard become more than just a set of letters and numbers? When it gets extended for new and improved uses. And that’s exactly what Fleksy is getting through the addition of extensions: Options to become what the company calls the “hub of all your input needs” on Android and iOS.

Fleksy app launcher

Like extensions for the browser that add functionality, Fleksy 5.0 gains its own extensions. Here’s how the company describes some of them:

“Fleksy becomes the first Android keyboard with GIF support as their GIF Extension makes finding and sending GIFs as easy as emoji. Other Extensions initially available include the option to use Fleksy as an Android launcher, add a Number Row at the top of the keyboard, an Editor for easier cursor control, a Rainbow Pop effect on typing, and typing shortcuts.”

Fleksy 5.0 launches with a trio of slots for such extensions, with more slots available through in-app purchase. By filling the slots, you can customize the keyboard with themes — there are 30 new ones available — or by adding functionality. Not everything here is for [company]Google[/company] Android either; on the [company]Apple[/company] iOS side, one extension makes the keyboard optimized for one-handed use, for example. Another extension adds a dedicated number row to your software keyboard.

The idea of creating slots that you fill is clever, particularly when you hook users with the initial free ones. The extensions become like mini apps that Fleksy is happy to provide if you have enough slots available. If not, you can always buy more, creating revenue through a pseudo app store model for the keyboard.

Fleksy 5.0 is now available for $0.99 and $1.99 on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, respectively