IBM’s Watson is now studying PTSD in veterans


The Department of Veterans’ Affairs is working with IBM to analyze hundreds of thousands of VA hospital medical records using the Watson cognitive computing system. Improving the diagnosis and treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is among the areas on which the partnership will focus. More broadly, though, the VA system might be the ideal place to explore what Watson and other artificial intelligence technologies can do. They have the potential to improve patient care without blowing up tight budgets, by improving speed and efficiency rather than increasing staff count.


Theo de Vries

This indeed is interesting. We also made (available in English) a tool for diagnosing PTSS, on the basis of free text (15-20 lines). ca 90 % is correctly diagnosed. It makes early treatment possible.

It goes like this: a client writes a ego document; this is analysed by the tool we developed. In principle it can be done on line or at a GP office. The research needed was done on a data base of English texts, a Dutch version now is in progress. The tool is in its proto type phase, the wider introduction will start this year.

Theo de Vries

Prof. dr ir Theo de Vries
Twente University The Netherlands
Vakgroep onderzoeksmethodologie, meetmethoden en data-analyse


Are veterans giving the VA permission to share their records with IBM or is there some sort of HIPAA exclusion?


I thing if any one can found a solution.I believe Watson & the staff who come with Watson can do it.If you want to be the best,you have to do your best in what ever come your way in live.

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