Faster Intel chip inside too

Report: Chromebooks are about to get big. As in, 15.6-inches big

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OMG Chrome got an interesting tip just before the big run up to January’s Consumer Electronics Show. According to a source, Acer will be super-sizing its next Chromebook with a 15.6-inch display. That would give it the crown for biggest Chromebook since the largest one to date I can think of is a 14-inch version built by HP. LG does have a Chrome OS device with 21.5-inch monitor in its Chromebase, but that’s not a portable device.

The anonymous source has plenty of other details on the device with a reported screen resolution choices of 1366 x 768 and 1920 x 1080. Internal storage will coincide with memory: Either 16 GB of storage with 2 GB of RAM or 32 GB with 4 GB of memory. There’s no mention of a mobile broadband option but the tipster says to expect 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0: Handy for unlocking your Chromebook with an Android phone.

Perhaps most interesting is the chip choice: These large [company]Google[/company] Chromebooks will reportedly run on [company]Intel[/company]’s fifth-generation Broadwell processor or a Core i3.

If that happens, the larger Acer Chromebook would be closer to the elusive mid-range Chrome OS laptop some have longed for. Intel is expected to show off new Broadwell U Celeron chips at the Consumer Electronics Show next month, which could coincide with Acer debuting the new Chromebooks.  Don’t get your wallet out just yet though: OMG Chrome’s source says we’ll be waiting until March before we can buy Acer’s big new Chromebook.

2 Responses to “Report: Chromebooks are about to get big. As in, 15.6-inches big”

  1. it will not surprise me if windows 10 actually helps boost chromeOS. consumers will start to feel their Windows 7 machines are aging, and than start looking at the different options. with larger chromebooks many may go that direction.

  2. this is long overdue. many who would benefit from the simplicity and/or security advantages of a chromebook are not the sort to enjoy a small netbook or slightly larger device. they want a full size machine with a decent screen.

    i bet we see a lot more everyday internet users and a lower percentage of the geeks/hobyists/techies with the intro of these.