United buying 23,000 iPhone 6 Plus phones for flight attendants

Purchase a beverage or snack on a United flight next year and you probably won’t see that bulky credit card terminal that never seems to print receipts properly. That’s because the airline announced on Wednesday it is buying 23,000 iPhone 6 Plus handsets for flight attendants to use in air.

Apple Insider reported the planned purchase news, saying that the phones will be used for most retail transactions in flight. Unless your attendant wants to use his or her own [company]Apple[/company] Pay account to buy a round, that likely means the iPhones will have some some type of card swipe reader attached to the phone.

That’s not all the iPhones will be used for though: Initially, they’ll be capable of handling United’s in-house corporate communications such as for email, the company’s website and internal network along with various policies and procedure manuals notes AI. This isn’t the first time United has gone on iOS buying spree: In 2011, the airline ordered 11,000 iPads for its pilots to replace paper charts and manuals.