Google just sped up searches on Chrome for Android


If you’re searching Google on Chrome for Android, you might (or might not) notice that you’re receiving search results a little faster than before– 100 to 150 milliseconds faster, to be exact. That’s because of a new feature called reactive prefetch that starts to roll out today. According to Google developer Ilya Grigorik, the few feature tells the mobile browser to download certain parts of a webpage before the user needs them. It’s “reactive” because it only starts fetching when the user clicks. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Chrome for Android for now because this feature requires the browser and the search engine to work closely in tandem.



This is nice for the one time a year someone uses Chrome for a web search. It’s a lot easier to tap Home, Search for Google search. Oh, that’s right. Google, a search company, doesn’t like convenient searches, so they had the Search button removed in favor of no button at all.

Thank goodness these things can be rooted so damage like this can be repaired on individual handsets, otherwise these things would be no better than iPhones.

Ilya Grigorik

Note that one of the goals of the “Resource Hints” specification that we’ve been working on in W3C Web Performance working group is to make this a cross-browser feature. Chrome just happens to be the first one to support it.

For latest revision of the spec, see:

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