Android tip: Prioritize those Wi-Fi hotspots


Credit: Kevin C. Tofel/Gigaom

Here’s a handy Android tip published by the How To Geek site on Friday that can help you prioritize which Wi-Fi network to use. This is useful if you live or work near Wi-Fi hotspots that you actually don’t want to connect to, for example.

In the Wi-Fi settings for [company]Google[/company] Android, you simply tap the menu button to see more options and choose Advanced Wi-Fi. There you’ll find an option called Wi-Fi Priority; tap it and you can move Wi-Fi networks up or down as you see fit.

advanced wifi android

How To Geek also recommends enabling the option to Avoid Poor Connections, which makes sense: Why should your phone or tablet struggle to connect to a network with lower signal strength if there are better options available?

Unfortunately, this tip doesn’t seem to work with Android 5.0; at least not on the Nexus 5 that I’m using until my new Moto X 2014 phone arrives.

There’s still an Advanced option available in the Android 5.0 Wi-Fi settings but there are no choices available for Wi-Fi Priority nor avoiding poor connections. It could be that Android 5.0 is smarter and that’s why the functions aren’t there, but based on the networks my Nexus 5 is choosing to connect to, it doesn’t appear so.

I’m thinking that for some reason, Google didn’t carry the options forward in Android 5.0. That’s a shame if so, and unless I’m overlooking the settings, I hope they get added back in a future version of Lollipop.


Michael Jepson

It’s not there on my LG G3. pretty annoying as it keeps connecting to a nearby hotspot, which I do use when out, but I obviously prefer my home network when I’m home.


I was looking for the same feature on my HTC One and couldn’t find it. It seems to prioritise based on the most recent network added on my phone so I ‘Forgot’ the network that I wanted to take precedence and then added it again. It now appears to connect to the preferred network after switching wifi off. Maybe it will work for others too.


I’m running 4.4.2 on my Galaxy Note and there’s no such option under Wi-Fi Advanced.


I was looking for this feature on my Nexus 5, too. Hope thethey’ll bring it back soon.

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