Quite the mashup

WorldSIM’s new gadget combines Wi-Fi and storage with power bank

The British firm WorldSIM is both a global-minded virtual mobile network operator, with SIM cards that help people use their mobile devices relatively cheaply while travelling, and a provider of travel accessories. These gadgets have included fairly nondescript pocket Wi-Fi routers and dual-SIM handsets, but the latest one is quite interesting.

The WorldSIM Tri-Fi incorporates: A portable Wi-Fi hotspot with a SIM slot, coming with both one of the company’s SIM cards and an Ethernet port for hotels that provide wired connectivity; a 5200mAh power bank for charging mobile devices; and the ability to take microSD cards of up to 32GB in capacity.

WorldSIM Tri-Fi
WorldSIM Tri-Fi

The Tri-Fi’s hotspot functionality can serve up to 10 devices, and the SIM card enables data roaming in 168 countries.

[company]WorldSIM[/company]’s prices start at 8p ($0.13) per megabyte, though of course this depends on which local carrier the firm is using at the time – it’s cheapest in Europe and North America, but you’d be paying as much as $15 per megabyte in many parts of the world. One rival that might be worth checking out is a Hong Kong firm called Glocalme, which has a similar device and often cheaper rates, but covers less than half as many countries.

The Tri-Fi is now up for pre-order at the price of $120, with deliveries promised before Christmas. The regular price will be $180.

8 Responses to “WorldSIM’s new gadget combines Wi-Fi and storage with power bank”

  1. Ordered one today after getting the promotion in their website. The Tri-fi is 50% off till 1st March. After reading all the comments thought of going through their website. To my surprise there was an offer and immediately grabbed one after going through their rates. Amazing features I must say! Grab one today!

  2. B Ramchandran

    The device being unlocked is an added advantage. Waiting for a promotional offer for this product. Once it is available, I would get this product definitely. Great features!

  3. S J Arvin

    Ordered the device during the Pre-Order period and got a discount for the product. It seems to be sophisticated at the beginning, but if you understand the user manual and process it accordingly, it is an easy device to handle. Great device, and connection seems seamless across the 3 device I use. You can use it locally, with a local SIM card, or you can use the WorldSIM card in it. Also the battery backup is wonderful. Never let my handset go out of juice. Nowadays, we all know what is a battery backup for travel, and this is a great invest if you are traveling and don’t want to carry only a spare power bank, rather this device is useful for it’s functionality.

  4. Nothing new but look how sad it is that we need such a product.
    The phone can be the hotspot but somehow some carriers are allowed not to let you do that (or charge you for it). What’s next our tap water supplier having a say on how we use our water? 50 extra $ for taking a bath?
    And then the microSD , not including a slot in the device is a great way for some companies with no ethics to extort some more money from their users.
    Non removable batteries are a good way to make sure the life of the device is not too long and the user is forced to buy a new one.
    Locked phones and even the SIM card itself are additional ways of limiting our options.