Verizon to install teeny tiny cells for its enterprise customers


Verizon is tapping startup SpiderCloud’s small cell technology to move its LTE network indoors. The two announced a plan to begin wiring up office buildings and public venues with these tiny base stations that can delivery an entire cell’s worth of 4G capacity in close quarters.

Though Verizon and SpiderCloud didn’t provide any specifics on where it would deploy the technology or which customers would be using it, the idea is to use small cells to create dense indoor grids of cells that can deliver much more capacity in crowded areas where people congregate. SpiderCloud’s cells connect to a company’s Ethernet LAN network, linking back to controller that can manage up to 100 cells in the same building.

Verizon began rolling out small cells in its macro network earlier this year, using the tiny base stations to surgically implant capacity in outdoor and indoor places where demand for voice and data services is the highest. The deal with SpiderCloud, however, could help it accelerate those plans since it allows Verizon to work directly with its biggest business customers to build out its network.



WiFi is less secure. Unlicensed vs licensed spectrum, right? But from a biz angle, drain those data buckets.


This sounds great, but it brings up questions about security and posibilities of corporate espionage.

Steve Ardire

why? because WiFi is much less expensive with higher throughput

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