Screen rotation missing in Android 5.0? Here’s where it’s hidden


Credit: Kevin C. Tofel/Gigaom

I installed the Android 5.0 update on the Verizon Moto X 2014 handset last night and everything went smoothly. It wasn’t until a few hours later when I turned the phone into landscape mode using the Chrome browser when it hit me: I couldn’t rotate the screen, which was stuck in portrait mode.

No problem, I thought, as I pulled the Settings screen down from the top of the display. And then I saw something. Rather, I didn’t see something: The one-touch icon for screen rotation wasn’t appearing.

Android 5 settings screen Moto X


I did recall that [company]Google[/company] Android 5.0 will add certain settings buttons once you’ve actually used the settings but when I went into the Display area of the Android settings, I didn’t see anything pertaining to screen rotation.

Thanks to Google+ I got the issue quickly resolved. Adrian Lee responded to my posting on this issue, saying the screen rotation is actually found in the Accessibility section:

“In stock Android the option usually lives under ‘Settings->Accessibility’ for some strange reason. Give that a try. My Nexus 5 had the quick settings toggle automatically after I flashed the factory image.”

Accessibility certainly isn’t the oddest place to put this toggle but if you’re not sure where to look or you’re new to Android, this spot might not be the first place you check. Once I enabled the setting, my Chrome browser started rotating as expected and the one-touch Settings button for screen orientation appeared, so all’s well that ends well.

Even so, I’d love to see Google ensure that the the screen rotation button is always present and accounted for in the pull-down menu; it’s a staple of everyday settings and ought to be visible all the time in my opinion.



All very well, but my problem is different. I have a NExus 7 which refuses to rotate with Android 5,0.2.
On mine, the icon IS PRESENT and set to rotate, but it won’t. After reading this post I went to Accessibility, and the box is ticked.
I toggled back and forth with both icon and box, but it still refuses to rotate..
Any brilliant ideas? Thanks.


Thanks for this, it was driving me crazy and I agree it should never have been removed. BTW if anyone else is having trouble; you must enable it under settings then disable it in the drop down menu in order to stick it to the drop down. If you enable and disable under settings the shortcut won’t stick.

john marcus

I had the same experience on my nexus 5 and this worked for me. thanks!


Home screen and additional screens Nexus 5 don’t move to landscape, is that changeable?

Ben Schuster

It is actually in Settings > Display.
Under “When device is rotated”, you can select stay in portrait view or rotate the contents on the screen. It’s kind of odd that they changed this setting around.

Kevin C. Tofel

Ben, it actually wasn’t there in Settings > Display *until* I went into the Settings > Accessibility section and checked the “Auto-rotate screen” box. Strange how it’s so inconsistent. :(

I really dislike how these settings are dynamically appearing after you enable them in a place you wouldn’t expect to find.


If it helps, I toggled it in the Accessibility section myself just a moment ago but it’s still failing to appear in Display. I can understand the setting’s presence in the Accessibility page, but it would be good to see it on the Display page *as well* :o)

Kevin C. Tofel

I’m betting that after a reboot, it “magically” appears in the Settings > Display area. ;) Very inconsistent, Google…. *sigh*

Angel Hilling

It wasn’t there for me either till I found your page and turned rotation on. I have no idea why they hid it but agree rotation should be easy to find.

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