Yahoo is the new default search engine on Mozilla Firefox


If you use Firefox as your main web browser, you might notice a change in your search bar this December. On Wednedsay, Mozilla announced a partnership with Yahoo: For the next five years, Yahoo will be the default search engine for Mozilla Firefox.

Other search engines, like [company]Google[/company], Bing, and DuckDuckGo will still be a menu click away, and users will still be able to switch their default.

From Mozilla’s 2012 annual report:

Revenues from Google have increased significantly since 2011. What changed with that relationship?

Our search partnerships are designed as multi-year contracts. Near the end of each contract, Mozilla negotiates market-value rates from multiple search providers based on the present and future value our products provide. At the end of 2011, Mozilla negotiated a new agreement with Google based on growth and impact from our Firefox desktop browser.

Although Firefox has been losing browser market share to competitors like Google Chrome in recent years, it still has millions of users. If a large proportion of Firefox users decide to stick with Yahoo as the default search engine, this small switch could drive millions of searches.

Why did Mozilla decide to make this switch? There are several possibilities. Most likely is that the existing Google deal expired and Yahoo offered better terms. But there’s also the chance that this is a move partially based on principles.

Mozilla is one of the main backers of Do Not Track, a group that wants web companies to agree to a standard in which users can opt out of advertising tracking. Google does not recognize DNT signals, and is unlikely to ever agree to the standard. But [company]Yahoo[/company], as part of this deal, will support DNT in Firefox.



This officially kills the browser. You served a good purpose Firefox, but your time is up.


Really? Because you have to go to Tools-Options-Search to restore Google as your default browser? I am with you in disliking coders who only want me to do what they – with their limited imagination or other disabilities – want me to do, but this isn’t quite that bad. Plus I already use different search engines for different things on Firefox. Switching is easy. Plus I don’t like Google’s stance on Do NotTrack. I’ll be sticking with Firefox and searching with yahoo unless and until it cannot quickly find what i know is there. Then I’ll change my search engine temporarily. I doubt I’ll need to change the default, but I’ll do the experiment. You might, too – unless you work for Google and they block Firefox now?

Brian Dead Rift Webb

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For those of you who forgot, that means that Bing will be the new default search engine. Not long ago, Yahoo decided to start using Bing as their base search engine.


Not sure what “base search engine’ means but I just ran a search on both yahoo and bing and there were some differences just in the first 5 hits.

Brian Dead Rift Webb

There are differences based on who is paying, and how they define their core priority system. But that is a solid observation.

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