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Translation game Duolingo launches a version for Windows Phone

Here’s another great app that is now available for the third-biggest mobile platform: On Wednesday, Duolingo launched a version of its language-learning game for Windows Phone. You can download it here.

Although [company]Windows[/company] Phone isn’t particularly prominent in the United States, where [company]Apple[/company] iOS and [company]Google[/company] Android are the most common smartphone operating systems, it has a larger footprint in many developing countries, thanks to the [company]Microsoft[/company] strategy of making Windows Phone devices affordable. That means there are lots of countries — including India, Mexico, and South Africa — where Windows Phone is the second most popular mobile OS, behind Android.

Microsoft’s mobile operating system is a good fit for Duolingo, which has ambitions beyond teaching the rich world a second or third language. Duolingo is a sophisticated, free way for many people to learn English (or French or Dutch or other languages) — now available to those using inexpensive Windows Phones. Duolingo’s existing look is also a great fit for Windows Phone: In many ways it looks like a native app, even though there aren’t significant changes from the iOS and Android layouts.

Unfortunately, it’s just the Duolingo app being announced for Windows Phone today, and not Duolingo Test Center, an ambitious attempt to replace expensive paid English-fluency tests with a simpler procedure that takes advantage of the installed cameras and sensors of mobile phones.

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A Duolingo spokesperson told me that there isn’t a timeline yet to bring Duolingo Test Center to Windows Phone, but based on the Duolingo app becoming available in Microsoft’s app store, it’s likely in the works.