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Education startup Galvanize buys data science school Zipfian Academy

An education startup called Galvanize, which focuses on tech workers and entrepreneurs, has acquired a San Francisco company called Zipfian Academy that offers a 12-week program in data science. Zipfian’s instructors have data analysis and engineering backgrounds at a variety of companies ranging from software startups to Facebook. One of them, Adam Gibson, is the founder of a deep learning startup called Skymind. Galvanize currently has locations in San Francisco, Denver and Boulder, Colorado, and will offer the Zipfian program, as well as a new master’s degree in big data, at the San Francisco campus.

One Response to “Education startup Galvanize buys data science school Zipfian Academy”

  1. Adam Gibson

    Hi Derrick,

    To confirm skymind had a partnership with zipfian academy that will continue with galvanize. Skymind is remaining a separate entity and we will be looking forward to running our training programs with galvanize’s resources and expertise.