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Would you pay to get your YouTube videos three days early?

Jason Kilar wants YouTube fans to pay up in order to be first in line.

The former Hulu CEO is looking to get videos of YouTube stars with a three-day window for his new startup Vessel, which is set to launch in the next few weeks, according to an AdAge report. Kilar has been trying to strike deals with 100 to 200 of YouTube’s top creators, according to that report, offering them cash in return for a windowed release strategy that would have them release their videos on Vessel three days before they’re allowed to also upload them on YouTube.

Vessel plans to then ask consumers to pay for these videos through a monthly subscription, but also run ads against the content — which is pretty much the same model that Kilar established at Hulu for longer-form TV content. And that’s not where the similarities end, according to AdAge: Vessel is also offering brands an ad selector that gives consumers a way to choose the most relevant ads for them, something that Hulu has been doing for some time as well.

Kilar has been working on Vessel for over a year, but early reports indicated that Kilar initially aimed to do a premium subscription service for magazine content. Kilar unveiled the name of the company, which previously operated under the stealthy Fremont Project moniker, as well as its direction and some major funding in June.

4 Responses to “Would you pay to get your YouTube videos three days early?”

  1. Jack Decker

    This is already being done by many YouTube shows on Patreon and Subbable. Hank Green of SciShow does this with his Quick Question videos for his patrons. It is a little perk for supporters who financially help YouTubers produce their shows. I don’t think most viewers who do so are doing so to get early access but mainly to give financial incentives to their favorite YouTubers to continue doing what they do. And the perk is commonly only 24 hour early access. Three day early access seems overboard. I don’t think Kilar realizes that most YouTubers are HORRIBLE procrastinators who wait until the last moment to produce and release their shows. And any show that covers the news and any other timely subject can NEVER delay a release by three days as their competition will leave them in their dust if they do.

  2. This is exactly the sort of crappy gate keeping that should be stamped on. This is the Hulu model applied to YouTube – expecting users to pay fees for content that is withheld until free. I hope that everybody just waits out the 3 days and leaves this joker with a massive net cash outflow.