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Netflix enlists fictional characters for content recommendations

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Ever wanted to know what Claire Underwood, the wife of the ruthless congressman in Netflix’s political drama¬†House of Cards likes to watch on TV? Now you can: Netflix has started to use fictional characters from some of its original programming to recommend new movies and TV sows to its members.

Users are reporting that rows of recommendations titled “Watched by Claire Underwood,” “Watched by Bojack Horseman” or “Watched by Pennsatucky” have popped up in their [company]Netflix[/company] apps. The latter, which is a Christian fundamentalist character in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, likes to watch Jesus Camp, Saved and Angels & Demons, whereas Claire Underwood prefers shows like The Good Wife and Damages.

Netflix has said in the past that it spends $150 million on content recommendations every year. I’d guess that not a whole lot of that money will go to the company’s new curator Bojack Horseman (for the uninitiated, it’s Bojack is a talking horse in an animated Netflix series by the same name), but it’s still a fun easter egg that helps Netflix to highlight both its originals and some of its catalog titles.

2 Responses to “Netflix enlists fictional characters for content recommendations”

  1. I saw this for the first time on the Android app and had to do a Google search to see why it was popping up. I don’t mind Netflix making recommendations about shows, and I saw a few shows/movies I might watch at some point, but this “recommended by” thing should be optional within each user’s settings.

  2. Joe Mamma

    This is pathetic. Netflix already tries to cram enough recommendations down my throat that do not apply to the same taste or genre as my previous selections. Now I’m suppossed to want to watch a bunch of documentaries about magic or chickens recommended by Gob Bluth just because I like the sarcastic witty humor of “Arrested Development”? You think a guy in a $6000 suit is going to watch that…C’mon!