Comcast has integrated its X1 platform with IFTTT


Users of Comcast’s Xfinity X1 set-top box can now make use of IFTTT to receive messages on their TV or even change the channel upon a certain event. Comcast’s Chief Business Development Officer Sam Schwartz unveiled the integration at a press event in San Francisco Wednesday, where he showed off a recipe that linked a WeMo switch to the X1, allowing users to change the channel whenever the switch was used. Other possible integrations include messaging on the TV, or the ability to switch to a sports channel whenever a viewer’s favorite team is in the news.


Kevin Ebaugh

Kevin from IFTTT here! We can’t wait for the X1 Channel to be live. It’s not public quite yet, but stay tuned with this Recipe to find out when it is:

Dan Molloy

Please tell me that IFTTT is working with Comcast on an Xfinity Home Channel! I would very much like to see this extended- there are so many things that I want to do with IFTTT and Xfinity home that you can already do with Wemo!

I. C. Freely

Can you make a formula to automatically change to the Comcast Shopping Network when your Netflix is stuck buffering through your Comcast throttled internet?

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