The Roost battery that makes your smoke alarm smarter hits Kickstarter


Roost's low-power Wi-Fi helps keep this battery connected for five years.
Roost, the company that has made a Wi-Fi-enabled 9-volt battery that you can pop into a smoke detector, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get its product into the hands of consumers. The battery contains a noise sensor that can hear if your smoke alarm goes off and send that information to an accompanying app, essentially turning your old smoke alarm into a smart alarm for between $25 and $35. The batteries will ship in June 2015, so there’s a wait, but I’m really excited about the low-power Wi-Fi technology built into the battery as well as the retrofit.



But can the battery tell me if it’s getting low, before the annoying chirps emit from the smoke detector?

Razvan Chircu

Why not have the smoke detector itself have that functionality the same way now thermostats do it? It seems a little far stretched to now put that in the battery… Maybe if there are other applications for that really expensive battery then maybe it would make sense. Also, is the battery rechargeable or do you throw it in the garbage once the power is drained?

Dave Winkler

Clever idea! I’ve been referring to this category of product as “IOTA” – “IOT Adapted” where I think we’ll see a huge expansion in offerings of these accessory devices that “smarten up” existing home appliances and general infrastructure rather than driving full replacement.

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