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Gigaom site news: Introducing the new Gigaom post page design

Welcome to the new Gigaom post page experience! It’s been a while since we changed things around here, so allow me to walk you through some of the new touches we’ve added to the place.

Our Product team had the good foresight two years ago to build a responsive design experience for — in which the same web page automatically adjusts to your desktop, tablet or mobile browser — and our new look and feel is really the expansion of that strategy. We’ve gone from a two-column design, in which the text existed in one column and the ads existed in another column, and merged that together into a single-column design that flows much more nicely together, especially on mobile devices.

[pullquote person=”” attribution=””]We try very hard to bring you the best tech news and analysis on the planet, and now we think it looks even prettier.[/pullquote]

We’ve dramatically improved the size and placement of images with respect to our text, something we’ve needed to get much better at in this era of Retina displays, big monitors and excellent photographers. We’ve stripped out a few elements on the post page to make sure the focus is on the text, the images, and (of course) the ads and reminders of the other products and services that Gigaom offers.

A new row across the top of the page allows you to see what our editors believe are the top stories on when you enter a post page from a social media site or a search, which the vast majority of you do. And we’ve designed a sharing widget that will follow you as you scroll down the page on the left-hand side, so when you come across that sentence that makes you go, “I have to share this,” you don’t have to hunt for that button.

This design also builds on some of the work we’ve done to improve our commenting system, which now allows you to show some love for good comments and flag bad ones. It also allows us to feature the best of your comments at the top of that section, so make sure you’re one of those really thoughtful internet commenters, as opposed to the other kind.

We’ve got some more tweaks to come over the next few weeks, including a newly redesigned home page experience that allows us to highlight the best of our content and showcase the excellent work that our colleagues at Gigaom Research and Gigaom Events (buy your Roadmap ticket now!) are doing.

A lot of people worked very hard on this project, and our entire Product team deserves a round of applause, but allow me to extend special thanks to product manager Bernadette Opine and designer Rolf Wilkinson for their efforts in making this launch possible.

Please let us know how you feel in the comments below (change is good!) and, as always, thank you for reading Gigaom. We try very hard to bring you the best tech news and analysis on the planet, and now we think it looks even prettier.

Featured image by Jakub Mosur.

3 Responses to “Gigaom site news: Introducing the new Gigaom post page design”

  1. Simply awful experience. Each article I read has a full screen picture at the top. I use GigaOM to read the news, not look at over-sized pictures. The same page had 4 blatant ads from the same vendor. Please make the large pictures optional per user. If you really want to make an improvement using responsive design, have the page automatically show two columns of text on very large monitors. There is way too much wasted white space.

  2. So i open the page maximized on a 24 inch monitor and see the headline, a huge and pointless pic and got to scroll down to get to the text. Hope that’s not on purpose because it’s annoying
    If i go with a thin and tall window then it’s more acceptable and some 40-45% of the displayed area is actual text. It’s like the page has been only tested in portrait mode and in landscape it’s never been viewed.