Evernote gets $20M and a new source of contextual content from Japan’s Nikkei


The Japanese media giant Nikkei has put $20 million into Evernote, in a deal that will also see the firm integrate its editorial content with Evernote’s “augmented intelligence” Context feature.

launched Context

Those external sources, such as [company]LinkedIn[/company] and news sites including the Wall Street Journal, have so far been U.S.-based. [company]Nikkei[/company] is Evernote’s first international news-source partner on Context – which, not coincidentally, is also now available with Japanese language support for the first time.

“We believe Nikkei and Evernote share similar missions — to enable knowledge workers to enhance their productivity,” Nikkei CEO Tsuneo Kita said in a statement. “This new partnership is going to be much more than just providing business news through Evernote. We are excited to join forces, and together develop completely new services that will lead to fundamental changes in the way people work.”

According to the companies, Nikkei’s Context integration will launch in early 2015.

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