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First Microsoft Lumia phone, likely a budget handset, inbound next week

Well that was almost quicker than you can say “OK Cortana” ten times fast. Exactly two weeks have passed since Microsoft announced the branding change for upcoming Nokia — er, make that Microsoft — Lumia handsets and now it looks like the first official Microsoft Lumia phone will debut early next week.

Microsoft Lumia

An image of the new phone along with a date of November 11 popped up on the old Nokia Conversations website Friday, along with the hashtag of #MoreLumia. The accompanying post is pretty much a tease, saying only this:

Microsoft is delivering the power of everyday mobile technology to everyone. Come back on November 11, to find out more!

There haven’t been any leaks or hints of a new Lumia flagship device lately; based on that and the post wording, it’s likely that the first [company]Microsoft[/company] Lumia is a budget-friendly phone. Indeed, earlier this week, Engadget caught wind of just such a phone passing through regulatory testing in China with the a 5-inch qHD display, 1.2 GHz processor, 3G radios, 8 GB of internal storage and 1 GB of memory.

That may not set the hearts of power users aflutter but Microsoft has wisely been focusing on the low- to mid-range phone segment because that’s where the sales growth is. Besides, this is just the first of likely many Microsoft Lumia phones to come; I doubt Microsoft will abandon the early adopters and power users of Windows Phone by ignoring the high end of the market for too long.

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    • Bobby Edwards

      The biggest thing they need to do is to get it on shelves in a number of carriers ASAP. How long ago did they “launch” the 830, and yet it is only today going on sale in US and only on AT&T. If they are going to launch it on the 11th, it should include price and carriers, and be available for ordering on Friday the 14th, not months later.That is if they want these things to start selling.