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Okay, we admit it. Google may be serious about cloud after all

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Some of us (that would be you Derrick Harris) were skeptical about whether Google really, really, really wanted to be in the cloud business. Well we’re starting to be convinced after this week’s Google Cloud Platform Live event. At the very least a lot of resources are being poured into this effort, which, as Google Cloud product marketing lead Brian Goldfarb reminds us, builds atop massive infrastructure including the Andromeda software-defined-network infrastructure and Kubernetes container management system already in use in Google’s, um, other business.

Goldfarb has a lot to say about Google’s place in the enterprise cloud spectrum and the competitive landscape, so make sure you listen,s tarting at around minute 12 if you’re in a hurry.

Derrick and I also discuss the state of OpenStack as the OpenStack Summit winds down in Paris. And no, neither of us got to go. But our colleague David Meyer did and he examined the continuing rocky relationship between Red Hat and Mirantis. And, four years into OpenStack’s journey, there are still not very many big production environments, and here is one reason why. And, a bit on the team of [company]LinkedIN[/company] infrastructure experts that have spun off to form Confluent, a company built around Kafka, the open-source real-time messaging technology.

Oh, and I kid about Derrick’s Google goggles. He really wasn’t skeptical about Google cloud at all.

Brian Goldfarb
Brian Goldfarb, product marketing lead for Google Cloud Platform.



Hosts: Barbara Darrow and Derrick Harris

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Note: This post was updated at 4:51 a.m., November 8 to add mention of Confluent. 


2 Responses to “Okay, we admit it. Google may be serious about cloud after all”

  1. “Okay, we admit it. Google may be serious about cloud after all”…, you don’t say? They didn’t just invest millions of dollars into operating systems that run entirely cloud based for the laughs? ….it’s upsetting how out dated this article is.

    • michaelhumphries

      I was a late bloomer to technology, getting online for the first time less than six years ago. Up until then there was always someone to work online for me. Technology is not my true passion but I realize now more than ever that I’m not the only one who needs ongoing education in this industry. As an Author/Speaker, social media networking has been very good for me in many areas but at the same time has been the source of a hate attitude making some well organized enemies. I have made some bad choices in the past and on top of that I am gay. I have made public apologies regarding the issues of negative aspects but refuse to make an issue of being born gay or apologize for it. When I started writing, posting on Facebook, and building a foundation I did not see any reason to make it an issue. There are so many things that need a facelift and much needed improvements with technology. I wish to thank Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn for being the tools of contacts and followers but my friends we all need to commit to a lot of broken parts with technology in order for us to be the best we can be.