VMware adds new vCloud Air region Down Under


VMware is taking vCloud Air cloud to Australia in a move that brings the total data center coverage for the company’s hybrid cloud to nine — with five data centers in the U.S. and one each in the U.K., Germany, Japan and now Australia.

The company will own and operate its Australian infrastructure but host it out of [company]Telstra[/company] data centers.

Earlier this year,[company]VMware[/company] renamed its cloud offering from vCloud Hybrid Services to vCloud Air.

All the major cloud providers are in a rush to add more local facilities and coverage worldwide. This is partially to address latency issues — distance between data center and end users leads to lag time. But it also may help allay data sovereignty concerns, especially in countries like Germany, which is mulling a new law that would restrict use of U.S. vendor infrastructure for critical data and workloads.

Some countries, spooked by the USA Patriot Act and Edward Snowden’s NSA spying allegations, want to make sure critical government and business information is kept in-country.

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