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“Coopetition” reigns supreme in Microsoft-Dropbox alliance

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Dropbox and Microsoft both offer free or near-free storage to customers. But now they’re making it easier for Microsoft Office users — especially those who use Office for iPad — to keep using Dropbox storage, which might seem counterintuitive since Microsoft pushes its own OneDrive as its repository of choice for Office users.

In a partnership reported by The Verge Tuesday, Kirk Koenigsbauer of the [company]Microsoft[/company] Office Engineering team said that Dropbox access was a key wishlist item for iPad for Office users. Accordingly, the Dropbox icon will show up next to Microsoft’s OneDrive icon on the iPad for Office screen. The deal appears targeted at mobile Office users, not the more traditional, desk-bound knowledge workers who tend to use Word and Excel in their offices.

In return, [company]Dropbox[/company] will encourage its users to turn to Microsoft Office applications to edit and create their documents in the first place. Microsoft has another alliance with Box to ease co-existence of Office 365 and Box cloud storage and file sync software.

Here is the Microsoft blog post outlining the plan, and here’s Dropbox’s take.

Microsoft, under new CEO Satya Nadella, is steering a tricky course between pushing its own applications against rival ISVs and wooing those ISVs over to use Microsoft Azure and other resources.

Dropbox and [company]Box[/company], both of which started out as cloud storage and file sync-and-share companies that work with everyone’s applications, are both trying to broaden their reach and turn their products into more of a “platform” for third parties. That’s because nearly everyone, from [company]Apple[/company] to [company]Google[/company] to [company]Microsoft[/company], now has their own cloud storage-and-sync story to sell.

6 Responses to ““Coopetition” reigns supreme in Microsoft-Dropbox alliance”

  1. Nadella’s Microsoft is changing the conditions on the battlefield. Ballmer’s myopic “this is how we do it” view was not acknowledging new realities. I’m a believer and new shareholder. This company has a LOT off firepower that has been unleashed.

  2. Can’t wait for Microsoft to offer Windows 8+ on every device including the iPad, iPhone, Chrome Books and Google phones.

    Finally we’re getting somewhere … the best technology available on every possible existing device.

    Good job M. Nadella !!!


      @Jacob Uhh,.. I think you’ve got that the other way around Microsoft is trying to stem the hemorrhaging of people finding out Pages and Google Docs, Evernote, apps outside of the Office ecosystem work just as good and in some cases better. Wake up and smell the Microsoft trying desperately to stay relevant

      • @PRETHOUGHT For reasons which are far too complex and would be too lengthy to explain here, my prediction is such that in the near future all devices will inevitably run Windows software.

        iOS and Android will all be things of the distant past and will have forever faded in collective memory.


        p.s. I truly believe the thought I have expressed … it is not meant in any way to be provocative, offensive or arrogant towards anyone or any group.